I can't wait!! I've been crushing peppercorns with a meat tenderizer because I knew I was going to get one as soon as they were available!!!

A.j. from Massachusetts 

Our first web order!

Well, I have my first Pepper Pin; and to a great degree I am "speechless in amazement". Knowing Tom I am not surprised that he has put his all into the creation, design, engineering, production and marketing of this "Beautiful piece of Art" (oh yeah, and it works like a charm, coarse grind, fine grind you name it)...and it's a "fkng" regulation bowling pin. As a lifetime bowler and member of the local Portland Community Bowling League I have to say "this baby rocks"...it's well balanced and might I say "perfectly calibrated". (This is me being speechless you should hear me when I have something to say.) My admiration and congratulations goes out to Tom for this Creative and Novel idea, but more importantly my praise for an idea taken to full manifestation. It warms my heart to see an "artist and visionary" take an idea all the way to completion. It takes a special person to "walk the talk" and I am not surprised in the least that Tom is a Man of his Word and Deed. Congratulations my Friend. Your success "in this lifetime" is guaranteed.

Portland, Or

I came home today to find this beauty waiting for me. I am now the proud owner of the coolest pepper grinder in the world, a Pepper Pin. Thank you Tom!....... 'nuff said.
Matt A.
Bellingham, WA

The Pepper Pin has earned a prominent position in my home! The quality is excellent, as I expected, and is proving to be a unique curiosity in my eclectic surroundings.
Scott B.
New Orleans, LA

Dinner is always more delicious when seasoned with a Pepper Pin!
Brian H.
West Chester, PA