Last summer I came up with the idea for the Pepper Pin while daydreaming about gift ideas for an old friend. I wanted to take something instantly recognizable and change the function but not the shape. 

After a summer traveling in Europe, I got back to Portland and hit the ground running. By October, I had Pin One, the prototype that lives in my kitchen. 

There were some bumps in the road, but I kept pushing on and by the end of January, I had gotten everything in order to start cranking out pins. 

The website went up on Fat Tuesday,  and I had orders soon after that.  This week we had our first international order. The response from bowlers and non bowlers has been amazing. The few times I have been out with one in tow, people just want to pick it up and feel it, see if it works(Boy does it) and talk about it. I get suggestions and ideas from every direction.

Prototyping and Production are set up. the next chapter in the Pepper Pins story is seeing how they spread out into the world. 

Let's see where it goes....

Right now we have Pepper Pins in

Philadelphia, PA

New Orleans, LA

Sendai, Japan

Le Mont, Switzerland

Boston, MA

Madison, WI

Eugene, OR

Portland, OR

Cleveland, OH

Victoria, B.C. Canada

Let's hit 50 states!