Amy says "You can hold it like a baby!"

New Orleans Pinball Wizard Westin got the Pepper Fever!

Maggie painted this AWESOME watercolor after she and Chuck got their Pepper Pin! 

Darren has the first Pepper Pin shipped to Canada! Love the shirt. 

Madalyn with her PepperPin

Michael is the proud father of a Pepper Pin!

Erin loves her Pepper Pin. But what's up with that cat?!

Lucinda is my Mini-Me. She's a saxophone player and knitting whiz. 

Me and Dr. Louise Rose and her Pepper Pin. Number 33 in her pepper mill collection!

Dr. Matt stands in awe of the Pepper Pin.  

First person to DEMAND a pepper pin and use our site. AJ from Boston.

The awesome artist responsible for our logo. Jimmy Skarbek! Check out his other work here

Want to talk about one of the best places in the world to eat dinner, here it is, Chez McCay, with Skelly, Joanna and Adrienne. I suppose they should have three Pepper Pins, White, Red and Black, can't make a gumbo without three peppers.