Welcome 2015 with a Pepper Pin!

We are still going strong even though the business has moved from Portland, Or to Bellingham, Wa!

All pins are in stock and ready to be shipped as of January 1st 2015!

Pepper Pins is going to Vegas! Come see us at booth 837 at the WORLD BOWLING EXPO! June 26 and 27th

I got turned down by my first store. It's one of my favorite shops and a place I imagined the Pepper Pin fitting in quite well. The owner very quickly said "It's not for us" and then went ahead to say it was too bold for the shop but that he could see it in a design store that had more WHIMSY! It's nice that even when you are getting shot down, the person gives you a compliment that seems a fitting inscription for your tombstone. 

I got shot down by Powells! What an honor! Powell's is like my payday kryptonite! 

Another boutique, one that specializes in spices, shot me down because the Pepper Pin might stick out against their European decor! Some guy from Switzerland bought a Pepper Pin! That should say it all.